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Custom Luxury Jewelry Made For You

Custom Luxury Jewelry Made For You

At GeniferM, we make beautiful jewelry that sends a message. We use fine craftsmanship and materials to create incredible pieces that are not only high quality but also make a statement. No other company is making premium cannabis jewelry the same way we are.

Support Cannabis With Beauty

Our jewellery supports the decriminalization and responsible use of cannabis. We believe that cannabis’s medical benefits can make a difference in the lives of individuals with epilepsy, cancer, anxiety, and so many more ailments. We’re grateful for our supporters who help spread the word of cannabis culture and our jewellery.

We’re excited to introduce the first Genifer M spokesperson. He’s a bright individual who not only supports cannabis, he’s one of our biggest fans. He’s well-known in the cannabis world with a heart of gold. He believes in what we’re doing so much that he asked to represent us in his daily life!

Meet Francis

Francis is a farm kid who has made a name for himself. Although he is not a marijuana user himself, he believes in an individual’s right to make their own choices and supports the decriminalization of this substance. He endorses the use of cannabis for its medical, mental, and creative benefits.

Righting wrongs is Francis’s number one priority in this world. Standing up for anything that makes our world a better place is his purpose. He is an active member of a number of communities that work for equality such as LGBT and other minority groups. An advocate for healthy, happy living Francis steps up for the environment and living in harmony with our surroundings.

More Than Culture

Genifer M’s artisan jewelry is handcrafted from gold and sterling silver set with diamonds and gemstones. Etching and cutouts create a classy finish to the pieces. For Francis, these pieces are made of the utmost quality and are a beautiful addition to any outfit.

Francis has a number of pieces, but most of all he loves to buy Genifer M cannabis jewelry for his wife. Right now, her very favorites are a marijuana leaf pendant and matching earring set. Francis enjoys wearing his custom cufflinks with his tuxedo. Both appreciate not only the gorgeous jewelry, but also showing their support for cannabis.

Our Hope For Cannabis Jewelry

Our first spokesperson makes us look to the future of our jewelry line. We are proud and honored to have such a wonderful person reach out to us. Hopefully, we will have other high profile people wearing our cannabis accessories to express themselves in a fashionable and mainstream way.

We intend to name more jewelry pieces after people with touching stories about how marijuana has made a positive impact on their life. We’d also like to create pieces dedicated to a certain stature within the legal and medical cannabis industry. Ultimately, we hope to see high-end dispensaries carry our line of jewelry, so those who believe in the 4L Movement can be a part of our story.