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"Halston's" Sterling Silver THC Molecule Stud Earrings

Genifer M

"Halston's" Sterling Silver THC Molecule Stud Earrings



This carefully designed THC molecule stud earring measures just under 1” long, or approximately 22 mm. It is beautifully made of sterling silver and a clip has been added to assure the molecule lays nicely up the earlobe.

The design was inspired by cannabis pioneer Halston Puchek. GENIFER M molecule jewelry has become the secret handshake of the cannabis world and this subtle statement piece is no exception! Enjoy!

This cannabis-inspired piece is also available in 14kt or 18kt, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and sterling silver. If you are interested in this style with a specific precious metal, please reach out to us.

The quality of these earrings, like all jewelry from GENIFER M, is unsurpassed.

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